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Boilergigant, onderdeel van InstallExtra


Looking for top quality water heaters in Benelux? At Boilergigant we only sell the very best brands such as Itho Daalderop, Nibe and Stiebel Eltron. Thanks to our many years of experience with boilers, taps, and warm water, we can give our customers the right and best advice.

Kokendwatergigant, onderdeel van InstallExtra

Kokend Water Gigant

In addition to the most complete range of boiling water taps from the brands Quooker, Franke, Selsiuz and Grohe, we also guarantee you the best possible price. Do you want the best advice for your situation?

Kalkloos, onderdeel van InstallExtra


With Kalkloos water softeners, you neutralize limescale and prevent just about all limescale and rust formation in your bathroom and kitchen. You can wipe away what's left with a cloth. What a relief! Don't hesitate; check out the possibilities.

Kokendwaterexpert, onderdeel van InstallExtra

Kokend Water Expert

A wide range of products for every household coupled with the best service gives you the golden combination that can only be found at Kokendwaterexpert. Think of Quooker, Hotspot Titanium, Ace & Unito.

Comfortsaver, onderdeel van InstallExtra


Conscientious use of water and energy is good for the environment and for your wallet. Saving energy and water can now be done easily and cheaply with the revolutionary Comfortsaver. The Comfortsaver is new on the Dutch market.

Boilerhuis, onderdeel van InstallExtra


Welcome to Boilerhuis, the connoisseur in the field of boilers! Together with our team of experts with over 20 years of experience, we work hard every day to provide our customers with the best advice. Every living situation needs a different boiler.

Hybridegigant, onderdeel van InstallExtra

Hybride Gigant

The specialist in sustainable heat pump technology. At Hybridegigant, we contribute to improving the environment. We are committed to providing high-quality heat pumps that enable an efficient, sustainable living environment., is onderdeel van InstallExtra


Green power, green energy and sustainable water? These things are of paramount importance to With the ultimate solution 'heat storage system' for residential and commercial buildings, we are doing our part for a green future.